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Cultural landscape assessments

Heritage impact assessments

Conservation management plan and reviews

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Cultural Landscape Assessments

This work involves the study of large historical landscapes. Through research, field trips and historical analysis, a cultural landscape assessment aims to establish the significant values of a place with a view to its heritage listing nomination.


Before significant change can occur to a heritage item, an assessment to understand its effects is required. In this process, the item, its setting and any impacts on its significant values, are evaluated.

Conservation Management Plans & REVIEWS

CMPs are vital documents within the heritage conservation process as the ‘advocating voice’ of a heritage item. They capture an item’s features, setting, history and statutory and non-statutory controls. A CMP critically compares and assesses a heritage item to establish important development stages; ranking of grounds, elements and fabric; and heritage values, to produce a summary statement of significance. Policies, supported by the rigour of the document, are derived to ensure the heritage item’s conservation and guide future appropriate change.

Draft CMPs are complex documents, requiring review as part of the Heritage Council endorsement process. CSD assesses these documents utilising the NSW Heritage Council’s CMP checklist and aims to work respectfully with authors and specialist officers to progress the documents as quickly as possible.

design services

The revitalisation of heritage places and their grounds is an exciting prospect. Historic gardens, parks and reserves and cultural landscapes, however, require careful analysis before appropriate change can be determined and implemented. Utilising surveys, tree reports, heritage assessments and environmental assessments in our work, we breathe new life and experiences into a place. Great satisfaction is found in discovering and understanding a property’s historical layers and sharing this appreciation through design. This way, the layers of a cultural landscape including new layers are respected and remain legible.


Heritage witness services, include, acting as an advocate for the protection of landscape heritage character, cultural landscapes, parks and reserves and historical gardens. Also, the settings of built heritage items to conserves significant places and their landscape settings for generations to come.

project management

Leading multi-disciplinary teams and collaborating with colleagues for desirable design and heritage outcomes on heritage management documents is rewarding work. Project management of new work to old properties including design upgrades and refurbishment, maintenance and staff supervision, are roles CSD enjoys.